Huxley is a multiplayer first-person shooter computer game with persistent player characters published by NHN USA (IJJI).

Publisher: NHN USA

Platform: PC Windows

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Huxley MMOFPS Game Review
If you like playing MMOFPS shooter games then you should enjoy Huxley: The Dystopia. This is a MMO first person shooter game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. In this world the humans are divided into two races called the Sapiens (the normal humans) and Alternative (the mutant humans). Each race battles the other in an attempt to control the world and its resources so they can be the one to survive.

The setting takes place on an earth which was destroyed by nuclear fallout and the invasion of aliens. Players choose their characters from three classes which are called the Enforcer, Avenger and the Phantom. Your character will get into team-based shooter battles that are either objective-based, fraction-based or the freeform deathmatch.

The sapiens fraction color is blue and the alternatives fraction is red. You have the opportunity to win a map that will be marked with your color that will help you throughout the game. This 3D MMO first person online game can accommodate up to five thousand players in one gaming environment due to the UNREAL 3 engine used to create the world.

Both races have a home city where they will be safe and where the player can visit shops that sell a variety of items such as armor and weapons. There is also a public transit system that you can use if you don’t want to walk across the city and you can buy a hoverbike once you gain money and status. Most players will get together in the cities and prepare for battle.

You can earn special rewards for your character on the battlegrounds and collect some serious hardware like jeeps and tanks that can give you an advantage over your opponents. Your character also has armor slots where you can store items that provide you with a special skill when in battle. The type of items will be determined by your class.

Huxley: The Dystopia MMO online shooter game has futuristic Sci-Fi qualities with lots of action for the gamer to enjoy in a realistic environment with outstanding graphics, huge impressive cities, detailed characters and fast-paced battles. All in all, this free-for-all game is an excellent choice for anyone that enjoys shooter games.   
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