Holic Online

Holic Online is a free to play MMORPG Game published by MGame USA.

Publisher: MGame USA

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://holic.netgame.com

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Holic Online: A Free MMORPG


You’ll take a fun and exciting adventure through the incredible land of Lunatia when you play Holic Online. This 3D MMORPG has stunning animated graphics that will get your attention right from the start and the storyline is one of-a-kind. Add that to the good interface and polished gameplay and you have all the makings of an excellent free online fantasy game.     
You’ll begin the MMORPG game by choosing one of the two races available that are called Seneka and Koshare. There are five playable classes that include the Mage, Warrior, Priest, Bandit and Monk. After selecting your character there will be a cut-scene that will explain the storyline and introduce you to the game. Basically, your character has been teleported to a parallel world where he or she has lost their memory and you’re trying to find out who you are and why you’re there. 
This free action-packed fighting MMORPG game will have you running quests and killing monsters to gain experience points so you can move up in levels. The descriptions for the quests are short and do a good job of explaining what is expected of you. The map is one of the best you’ll find in any free online game. It clearly outlines everything from your quest to where the NPC’s are located. Having a great map is always a big plus for any game. 
The “class revolving system” is also a nice addition to the game because it allows you to choose two classes that you can switch back and forth with anytime you’re in the mood for a change. Of course, you will have to work on leveling them both up. This is because the experience points you’ve collected won’t switch over but at least you have the option of playing two different ones.
Another unique feature of Holic Online allows you to create your own dungeons. This gives the player something extra that can truly make the game more interesting and fun. However, it does cost to take advantage of this feature and there are rules that you have to follow. Still, it’s a nice change of pace. Published by Netgame, Holic Online is a great MMORPG that is fun and entertaining making it an excellent choice for the causal gamer.  


Holic OnlineHolic OnlineHolic OnlineHolic OnlineHolic Online
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