Hero Online

Hero Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced by Netgame based on a story written by three generations of Chinese novelists.

Publisher: Mgame USA

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://hero.netgame.com

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Hero Online 3D MMORPG Fantasy Game

Hero Online is a very popular MMORPG despite its age. Originally released in 2006 this 3D fantasy game lacks when it comes to customization but the community makes up for it because it has what it takes to keep players coming back for more. It’s easy to learn interface uses the point and click method but it’s filled with lots of action to keep things interesting.

You’ll begin your adventure in Dragon Castle where you’ll need to head out of town and start killing some of the wolves and boars to start leveling up. The attack animation may appear to be a little odd compared to newer games but it can give it an interesting twist. Each level you’ll earn four stat points that can be distributed between Intelligence, Strength and Dexterity.

This MMORPG takes place in an oriental setting where you have five unique characters to choose from once you reach level 10. Each one of them has a different type of weapon specialization. The Elegant Mystic is a female who uses the Rod, Claw and Spear for weapons. The Majestic Muse is female and she uses the Duel Rod, Pentachord and the Duel Blade for weapons. The Piercing Eyes is also a female that uses the Blade, Sword and Throwing weapons to fight.

The Overseer of the Sky is a male who uses the Rod, Spear and Axe for weapons. The Ruthless Blade is also male and uses the Sword, Bow and Blade for weapons. There are four classes that consist of the Physician, Warrior, Assassin and the Hunter.

When you reach level 40 you can create a house which is the same thing as a guild. You can also design emblems for your guild and you earn special titles depending on the activity you take part in. The emblems will appear next to the player’s name. The crafting and upgrading system in Hero Online allows players to take items and certain materials to the blacksmith to have special gear forged. You can also go shopping for pets in this MMORPG.

The PvP system in Hero Online MMORPG is very good and there are several ways in which you can fight. For example, the players can fight to collect rare resources on the mining map or battle on the capture the flag map. There is a special war map for factions but this one is only available two times a week and you can always challenge another player to a duel. Hero Online is a great MMORPG for gamers who enjoy lots of PvP action combined with simple gameplay.

Hero OnlineHero OnlineHero OnlineHero OnlineHero Online
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