Hero: 108 Online

Hero: 108 Online is a free-to-play 2D MMO by Gamania Digital Entertainment.

Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.hero108online.com

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Hero: 108 Online 2D MMO Game

Hero: 108 Online is a quirky action-heavy 2D MMO game featuring the same lively cartoon characters and storyline as its animated series counterpart, as well as the Hero: 108 collection of fun and innovative toys.

In Hero: 108 Online, humans and animals lived together in harmony until High Roller, a mischievous guy, was unceremoniously banished from the Eastern capital. High Roller grudgingly wandered the Hidden Lands and developed a deep hatred for the people who cast him out. Fate, often a playful catalyst, intervened and High Roller was struck by lightning, gaining the amazing ability to speak to animals. With his new powers, High Roller brainwashed his new furry friends into believing that humans are evil and began his plans to avenge those who exiled him.

High Roller’s massive Animal Army now rages war on all humans, attempting to drive them out of neighboring kingdoms.  So, just when you thought woodland creatures were harmless they descend maniacally on your world causing havoc and unrest. As part of the squad of heroes, overcome the chaos and bring peace to the Animal Kingdom!

Hero: 108 OnlineHero: 108 OnlineHero: 108 OnlineHero: 108 OnlineHero: 108 Online
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