Habbo is a social networking website MMO virtual world aimed at teenagers. The website is owned and operated by Sulake Corporation.

Publisher: Sulake Corporation

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.habbo.com

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Habbo - Social Browser Virtual World for All Ages
Habbo Hotel offers a social browser virtual world for all ages within the Habbo virtual world.  Habbo is a social browser based 2D virtual world that is considered an MMO because players are able to interact with other players from all over the world.

To play Habbo players create an avatar and are assigned a private room in the Habbo Hotel.  In fact Habbo Hotel used to be the name of the game, now simply known as Habbo. This game has many players from around the globe who enjoy the social setting and mini games. 

From the Habbo Hotel players can explore the virtual Habbo world, play games, make friends, collect badges and decorate their room. The Habbo MMO is purely social, so you won’t find any combat or monster slaying. The virtual world of this MMO includes dozens of rooms, cafes, parks and clubs where players can interact.

Many feel that Habbo is a girl’s social browser game due to the room decorating and furniture buying, but Habbo is fun for boys and girls of all ages. There is no rule that says that Habbo is designed for girls and many of the games seem to be aimed at boys. However in a virtual world, anyone can do anything.

The character creation in Habbo is pretty extensive for a 2D browser game. Players choose from multiple hair and face styles clothing, hats and other accessories.    
There are several multiplayer mini games in the Habbo world, some are paid games others are free. SnowStorm and BattleBall are the two free multiplayer mini games in Habbo.

There are also forums, live chat and plenty of special events like virtual concerts or holiday specials. Basically there is no end to the fun in Habbo. Whether you earn badges, decorate your room, play games, or simply spend your time there talking with your friends. Habbo has something for everyone. Players get to socialize, collect furniture, decorate their Habbo Hotel room, and earn badges. Basically Habbo gives you a world, and allows you to entertain yourself.  


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