Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia is a free to play MMORPG fighting game published by Aeria Games.

Publisher: Aeria Games

Platform: PC Windows

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Grand Fantasia Anime MMORPG Fighting Game
Grand Fantasia is an exciting anime themed action MMORPG fighting game from Aeria Games. Grand Fantasia is set in the beautiful fantasy world of Saphael and offers players a variety of gaming options like character and sprite customization, sprite crafting, a vast array of mounts, Player vs. Player (PvP) combat, and an enormous glossary of quests.

Grand Fantasia give players many unique features to set it apart from other MMORPGs, such as: branching class trees that give the player a myriad of customization options, a customizable sprite companion that will quest with you and even craft weapons and armor, player mounts for speedy travel, guilds, and a PvP system that pits you in 1 on 1 combat or massive 15 on 15 battles. Grand Fantasia even sports a clever player romance system! Guilds are supported with many communication and questing tools to aid players as they progress. Guilds are given the ability to customize ranks and even use special guild skills as players earn prestige and level up.

Grand Fantasia players will start as a novice then select from 4 basic characters and as they level they are given more specific options to make their character more powerful and skilled. Ultimately as the players conquer more and more monsters and take on the challenging dungeons, they will have access to 8 character types. The addition of the sprite companion adds another layer of complexity to further vary the game play experience.

The brightly themed anime style gives Grand Fantasia a look all its own and is a change of pace from the many dark and somber games in the genre. A host of community based features like an auction house, chat and emote options, and an active forum help players integrate seamlessly into the PvP aspects of Grand Fantasia.

A game for players of all ages (and with a free price tag, players of all means) Grand Fantasia has much to offer to the MMORPG lover. Players can quest alone, in groups, or just get online to socialize with friends. Cute graphics, a large community of players, and a wealth of entertaining quests make it a steal for players of any skill level.  
Grand FantasiaGrand FantasiaGrand FantasiaGrand FantasiaGrand Fantasia
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