GONG! Online

GONG! Online is a free to play MMO soccer game published by THQ.

Publisher: THQ

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.gongonline.com

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Gong Online: MMO Sports Game Review


Gong Online is a MMO soccer game that has a lot to offer the player. Published by Digital Media Exchange this massively multiplayer online game is extremely popular in China and it’s known for its ease of play and cute visuals. It’s a family-oriented game so the whole family can join in on the fun. It’s a quick pace but very interesting soccer game that has a casual feel combined with intense competition.

Gong stands for Goal or No Goal and it’s a very easy MMO sports game to learn how to play although, it can be difficult mastering it. The 3D avatars are fully customizable with a large selection of clothing and accessories. There are over one hundred skills to pick from when deciding their play so you have plenty to choose from.

It’s designed with anime-style artwork and nothing is pre-calculated. In other words, the ball will react differently in the various fields. You can interact with NPCs by hitting them with the ball and you’ll get free items for doing so.

Gong Online features a one-of-a-kind community online that has a mail system which makes it easy to communicate with other players but it doesn’t need any special requirements to run. It also has a built in friends list and areas where players get a chance to brag a little by showing off their scoring achievements. It makes the game more demanding when you’re trying to get high scores to beat your friends.

The grounds where the games are played are filled with numerous passageways and secret areas where you can play alone or get together with friends and play. The choice is yours. Each one of the areas has its own special style of play to make things more interesting and they’re based on real world locations. If you want to play during a break there are Daily Quests available where you can take part in to stay active.

Gong Online has an unusual 3 versus 3 multiplayer format along with a few extras to make things more fun. These will allow you to participate in other adventures if you want to take a break from socializing and playing soccer. This MMO soccer game is a free-to-play game that’s lots of fun and recommended for anyone who enjoys soccer and socializing with friends. 


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