Gladius 2

Gladius 2 is a free to play MMO browser game published by Bigpoint.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

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Gladius 2 MMORPG Game Review

Gladius 2 MMORPG takes place in a Roman themed world that’s filled with plenty of details for the gamer’s pleasure. This game is full of exciting action-packed battles that take place in amazing historical arenas, which provide a unique experience for the players. It’s a mix of both 2D and 3D environments which is a nice touch that you won’t find in many games.

Once you set up your account and begin to play this fighting game the first thing that you’ll need to do is choose your character from the three gladiators available. These are called Priscus (a brutal warrior), Magnus (a fighter) and Versus (an agile gladiator). After that, you’ll go through a short tutorial and then it’s time to set out on your quest to see if you can survive to become a well-known gladiator.

You can start out battling against opponents that are computer generated to get a feel for the game. However, since Gladius 2 is a MMORPG you can also battle real players just like yourself which makes it even more interesting. You can battle dangerous animals in the arena such as bears and lions as well. It also has open PvP so you need to be aware that you can be attacked by other players even when you least expect it.

You earn silver and gold by winning these battles that can be used to build-up your gladiator. You can also earn money by breaking crates, which is great for the beginner because it gives you a way to earn the money needed to buy items that can be used to improve your skills.

This text browser game is based in flash for full screen expansion which is something unique to this type of game but it certainly is a nice feature that allows you to really get wrapped up in the action. The maps are great and very useful so it’s recommended that you take advantage of them.

A premium account gives you special benefits such as the arena editor. This is a feature that lets you to design your own arena where you and your teammates can battle together. However, the free version of Gladius 2 should prove to be interesting and enjoyable for anyone searching for a unique fighting game with lots of battles. 

Gladius 2Gladius 2Gladius 2Gladius 2Gladius 2
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