Ghost Online

Ghost Online also known as Ghost Soul and GO is a free fast paced action-based sidescrolling, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is currently released in South Korea, Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysian-English.

Publisher: MGame

Platform: PC Windows

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Ghost Online 2D MMORPG Fantasy Game
Ghost Online MMORPG is a free fantasy game filled with fast-paced action. This 2D side-scrolling MMORPG game has an Asian theme and a unique personal style that you won’t find in similar games. It involves castle sieges house wars, quest and lots of PvP action.

Once you enter the MMORPG game you’ll be greeted by a tutorial that is very helpful. It has a unique feel to it because it teaches you the basics of the game while introducing the storyline. After the tutorial, you’ll begin your adventure as a peasant without a class. You’re now ready to head out into the game and begin grinding to move up in levels.

The experience rate goes very quickly, which means you won’t be playing for a long time before you can choose a class that consists of the Warrior, Magician, Assassin and Champion. The two fractions are Order and Chaos so you’ll need to choose one of these to join as well.

Ghost Online MMORPG has a good interface that’s responsive and easy to use and it’s similar to other games in the same genre. It has four attributes which are STR, INT, PHY and DEX and you’ll start with three points in each one. Each level you move up will earn you four more attribute points and you’ll also earn two skill points.

There are four starting skills that are very good and these include Wind Blast, Sprint, Meditation and Wind Jump. The questing system is effective and easy to use which is good for new players. All you need to do is look in your quest log and all of the ones available to you will be listed there. You can also use this log to keep up with the quest that you’ve already run.

Later, after you’ve gained some experience, you can take part in some PvP action. Once every week there is a massive PvP battle called “Castle Siege” in which thirty players from each faction fight against each other. These events can be very interesting. There is also a soul system within the game that allows players to absorb the souls of the monsters they kill.

You can collect toys in the MMORPG game that act like pets that follow you around and you can create a house after level 40, which is basically the same thing as a guild. With all of these features Ghost Online is a good MMORPG that most casual gamers will enjoy. It’s certainly worth the time to check it out.  


Ghost OnlineGhost OnlineGhost OnlineGhost OnlineGhost Online
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