Gates of Andaron

Gates of Andaron is a Gameforge4D GmbH branded MMORPG published by Gameforge4D GmbH.

Publisher: Gameforge

Platform: PC Windows

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Gates of Andaron – Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG
Gates of Andaron is an MMORPG Fantasy game that you can enjoy for free online. It has 3D action fighting sequences and is rich in story and lore. Many have called it incredibly similar to the very famous World of Warcraft, with the great exception that you can play for free.

While it's one of many that claims to be inspired by WoW, it is also one that is claimed to be the most like the famous MMO. It has 3 races with 6 classes and two factions to choose from. It is a creation of the famous "4Story" but for North American gamers.

You will learn right away upon downloading the game that it is similar to many other MMORPGs that you have probably played. One thing that makes it unique is the massive scale of faction warfare. This lets you take on the role of a General in the army and command your side in the battle. You can battle with up to 49 players using a mix of RTS and MMORPG in the gaming world. When your faction is victorious, you earn the ability to access villages and new areas.

What you will find familiar is that just like the traditional MMO, you pick a class, create a character and then level up. You will encounter quests that must be completed to earn rewards and to help you level up. You will also get items and abilities along the way that help your character become capable of fighting bigger and badder foes.

As you level up, you also have the opportunity to grab loot, partner with groups and do dungeons or even to engage in world-wide PvP events. This means that there is literally something for everyone to enjoy in this free to play MMORPG. While it sounds like basically the core of every MMOPRG, there are some things about Gates of Andaron that make it interesting and unique.

You will find a great storyline which makes this game stand out from many other similar f2p MMORPGs in the same genre. Another interesting and unique facet of this game is the unique class, the Evocator. With this class, you can charm and control any enemy you come across in game and make it your pet. This class alone is enough reason for many people to download the game and give it a try.


Gates of AndaronGates of AndaronGates of AndaronGates of AndaronGates of Andaron
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