Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is a free to play MMORTS game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

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Galaxy Online MMORTS Space Simulation Game
Galaxy Online is a 2D space MMORTS that offers complex play in a Sci-Fi environment. Basically, it's a strategic simulation game that requires skill and strength in order to win. It provides a lot of action but it's not the same fast-paced action that you'll find in other MMORTS's. You'll need patients because there will be times when you have to wait and plan instead of rushing into battles. At the same time, you should always be prepared and show your strength in order to hold your position.

When creating your character you'll need to choose one of the six fractions to join, which include Bakran, Eir, Kadry, Maya, Rayman and Rofilla. The game starts with a short tutorial that will teach players the basics of how to play. As soon as the tutorial is over you'll be on your way to achieving your goals. You'll start in a safe zone which is actually one of the five planets in your galaxy.

You have complete control over the first planet and this is where a lot of your time will be spent gathering resources and building a variety of different things. For example, you'll need to create a base and establish a colony or fleet of warships. The five resources that help you build and expand your empire include Population, Science Points, Alum, Supplies and Gas. There are different buildings on each planet where these resources can be found but the building spots are limited.

When you believe your fleet is ready, it's time to set out across the universe to conquer and control other fractions. You'll start with the other four planets in your solar system, which will prove to be an easy task because they are there for you to control. However, when you expand outside of your galaxy it will be a different story. Be ready for large wars and fierce battles.

Throughout the game you'll be required to analyze data and crunch numbers and there will be times when you'll need to consult with the community to figure out exactly how to fulfill a specific task. When it comes to combat, things are simpler and the type of ship and commander you have will be the biggest factors in determining your success.

It's a free game but you can receive extra benefits if you choose to pay the monthly subscription, which is something you may be interested in doing after giving it a try. Galaxy Online MMORTS is the perfect strategy game for those looking for a challenge and who enjoys figuring out difficult task. It can be very demanding but that's part of what makes this Sci-Fi game so enjoyable. 
Galaxy OnlineGalaxy OnlineGalaxy OnlineGalaxy OnlineGalaxy Online
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