Gaia Online

Gaia Online is an English-language, anime-themed social networking and forums-based website.

Publisher: Gaia Interactive

Platform: Browser

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Gaia Online: A Web-based MMORPG Social Site for Teens

Gaia Online MMORPG is a 2D web-based social site. It offers a variety of things for the player to do that keeps them interested and coming back for more. You can join the community for free and create an avatar. It also allows players to decorate a home for their avatar, keep an aquarium going and ever race cars. Players can create a profile page and form guilds with others that share common interest.

When you begin the game you’ll enjoy the excellent tutorial that will explain the majority of all the features located throughout the community. Here you will be given gold and a few other items for taking the time to listen to the tutorial. In order to earn more gold, you’ll need to post on the forums, play a variety of minigames and vote in the polls.

The minigames are lots of fun to play and they include but are not limited to pinball, blackjack, puzzles and fishing. If you take part in some of the writing and art contest these will be submitted to the “arena” where they will be judged and rated by the community. Free Article Writing Services could prove to be a great resource and help.

If you win, you’ll get gold and other special items for your efforts. This virtual world has a marketplace but you’ll need a special pass to trade items or to buy and sell here. You can visit the online store where you can buy all types of items such as shirts and hats for yourself.

The forum is the most interesting and important part of Gaia Online MMORPG. It’s by far one of the largest and definitely the most active you’ll ever find. With so much activity going on in the forums parents should be aware that most any topic will be discussed and this includes topics on love and sex.

Gaia Online MMORPG is a basically a teenage Internet hangout where teens around the world can posts to the forum. Members can chat and send private messages to each other. The large membership count and billions of posts prove this is one of the most favorite text browser games available when it comes to teenagers but it’s not as popular with the parents due to the lack of filters and control.

Gaia OnlineGaia OnlineGaia OnlineGaia OnlineGaia Online
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