Freesky Online

Freesky Online is a browser-based multiplayer empire building game originally released in the Asian market and later bought and translated to English by IGG and later Garena.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: Browser

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Freesky Online 2D Browser MMORTS Game

Freesky Online is a 2D strategy browser MMORTS game with an advanced graphic interface and an in-depth storyline. This game revolves around airships that are used to conquer the cities of other players among other purposes. The aerial combat is certainly one of the most unique features of this free Sci-Fi action game. However, gathering resources, expanding your empire and doing research is also necessary and part of the leveling up process.              

You’ll start out with a short tutorial and quest line that will teach you the basics and provide you with a few rewards. There are four nations in this game at war with each other and they are called the Light, Shadow, Holy and Devil. You’ll need to choose the nation that you want to be a part of. There are also six resources, which are Metal, Gold, Food, Crystal, Wood and Sand Stone. These are a vital part of the MMORTS game as well.
Once you start playing Freesky Online MMORTS you’ll start off with a small city. You’ll need to construct resource generating structures, gather resources and do some upgrades to build up your city. In fact, much of your time will be spent building and upgrading structures with the resources that are available but that’s typical for games of this genre. You do have a choice of focusing your efforts on producing a commercial empire or a military empire, your choice.
When you’re not building, you’ll be fighting. Before you fight you need to declare war against a player and meet each other on the map. The battleship reports can broadcast the war live and reflect airship HP and losses. Transporting resources may also be necessary at times. This can be done by clicking on a market located on the map and then on the auto-transport button to send the resource to another city. Next, select the type of resource, destination and quantity and then hit confirm.
You also have the ability to enlist the help of a hero to help you take care of internal affairs and do some fighting for you. Whatever task you send your hero out to do, he will take care of it for you. This MMORTS has many great features for you to take advantage of and it’s a good choice for the causal gamer that enjoys this type of gameplay in Freesky Online.
Freesky OnlineFreesky OnlineFreesky OnlineFreesky OnlineFreesky Online
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