Forsaken World

Forsaken World is a free-to-play MMORPG based on five distinct races including the Stonemen, Elves, Dwarves, Humans and the Kindred.

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

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Forsaken World Fantasy MMORPG
Build an empire, become a god and control the world in one of the most highly-anticipated MMORPGs from Perfect World Entertainment. Choose between five distinct races including the Stonemen, Elves, Dwarves, Humans and the Kindred; each with their own in-depth narrative and history in Forsaken World.
Developed by the top talent in the gaming industry, Forsaken World promises to bring new and exciting gaming experiences to players around the world.
Forsaken World features:
  • 5 Distinct Races – Choose between Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Stonemen or the Kindred
  • 8 Unique Classes – Decide your path as a Warrior, Protector, Mage, Priest, Assassin, Marksman, Vampire or Bard; each offering a customized play style
  • Laissez-faire Economy – Choose from the over 10 occupations including Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Bladesmith, Tamer or Alchemist
  • Guild Command Centers – Gain access to guild quests, housing, businesses and guild versus guild warfare
  • Unique Server Progression – Players control the fate of the world, progress through the ages as well as open up new and exciting content
  • Become a God – Break the shackles of human limitations by ascending beyond the mortal coil
  • Devotion System – Pray to the gods and receive special blessings
  • Zodiac System – Let the stars align to give you powerful and mysterious abilities; celestial phenomenons will have various impacts on how the world operates
  • Dynamic Dungeons – Raid dungeons with difficulty that scales according to the level of players in the group
  • Crush Your Enemies’ Souls – Capture the souls dropped by your enemies to recover HP, MP or cast special skills during the heat of battle
  • Stunning Equipment – Thousands of weapons and gear available that will level as your character progresses as well as gain new physical appearances
  • Versatile Pets – No longer just a status symbol, pets will be serve multiple purposes and will be indispensible during battle; the ability to capture pets will yield you great power
  • Auto-Navigation Quest System – Progress through quests easily with auto-navigation
  • Visually Stunning Graphics – First game to run on Perfect World Entertainment’s updated proprietary 3-D graphics engine, Angelica
  • Internationally Developed – First internationally developed game from Perfect World Entertainment built from the ground up and tailored toward a Western audience
Forsaken WorldForsaken WorldForsaken WorldForsaken WorldForsaken World
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