Football Superstar

Football Superstars is a free to play MMO sports game.

Publisher: CyberSports Limited

Platform: PC Windows

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Football Superstars: MMO Sports Game Review
When you want to enjoy MMO sports football from the comfort of your home, you will love Football Superstars. This 3D virtual world MMO sports game lets you become the star of your own show and enjoy all that great football/ soccer action there is to find in an online game.

You will begin as an individual football player trying to hone your skills and build wealth to become a superstar player. It's free to download and free to play which means you have no risk at all when it comes to trying it out. We're talking about soccer here, not American football and you can enjoy some of the best soccer fun available on a computer.

One of the best parts of this free to play MMO is that it is different from the many other types of sports games on the market today. It's also a new take on the MMORPG scene which gives you a new type of virtual world to enjoy.

The set up is easy but the installation will take a little while. You need to register for a free account before you can install but this is also quick and easy. Once you have the game fully installed, it's time to create your character. Just like other MMOs, you will have the opportunity to customize your character.

You can choose gender, facial features, hair style and even your clothing. Then you will join a club and you're ready to get started. There is a simple character selection editor that is not the best that technology has to offer but isn't bad for a free game and at least allows you to look different from other players.

Game play is fun and easy to catch on to. Some parts of the game such as the graphics and the sound are a little rough but all in all, it's ok for a free game. When you learn the basics of the game, you will begin to learn tricks and other fun moves that can help you rack in the points and advance your character even further. In true MMO fashion, you can also visit the wider outside world and check out pubs, shopping and more.

You have 28 levels of fame to explore in Football Superstars. You will also want to save up in game currency to unlock certain features of the game.  
Football SuperstarFootball SuperstarFootball SuperstarFootball SuperstarFootball Superstar
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