Free-2-Play: Florensia is a completely free next-gen Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) from Japan - sign up, download the game and play for free.

Publisher: Burda:ic GmbH

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://florensia.alaplaya.net/

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Florensia MMORPG with a Twist
When you’re looking for an MMORPG something out of the ordinary in a free to play game genre then Florensia might be right up your alley. This is a sleek 3D animated MMO with a fantasy theme that anyone can play, even if you’re new to the genre. In Florensia, you can level your character on land and sea, which makes for an interesting twist.

You can quest and explore on the land and then hop in your ship and set sail to explore the regions of the waters. There are great, high quality graphics in this game from publisher, Alaplaya. The game has a good interface which is always a plus in a free MMORPG, or any other game for that matter.

For the PvP fan, this game has duels and party versus party action. There are fun classes to choose from such as explorer, mercenary, noble and saint. At level 40, each of these can move up to another choice of specialty class.

Explorers can choose Excavator or Sniper, Mercenaries choose Gladiator or Guardian Swordsman, Saints choose Priest or Shaman and Nobles choose Court a Magician or Magic Knight. This allows you more variety and control in what you want to play.

One downside is that the game play can get repetitive after a while and the ship controls are a bit difficult to maneuver. The quest dialogues are too long and there’s no option to skip through them or speed them up. Leveling can also be slow. But all in all, it’s a well-rounded MMORPG game.

If you’re looking for a great new game to play, Florensia has great graphics and interesting new game play so it pays to check it out. 
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