Fiesta is a free MMORPG, first published by Ons On Soft in Korea, and then by Outspark for the international English market.

Publisher: Outspark

Platform: PC Windows

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Fiesta MMORPG Review
Fiesta is a free MMORPG 3D fantasy game that offers the players action and fun. It includes four classes which are the cleric, archer, mage and fighter. The clerics help the fighter by healing and helping to shield their team. They can also increase attack damage that will come in very useful throughout the game.

The archer’s attack strength is rated high and they usually attack from a distance making them a good class for fighting on an individual basis and for attacking bosses. The mage also fights from a distance but they normally focus on large groups. The fighter has swords and axes to fight with and they’re similar to most melee class fighters.

The five stats used to upgrade your level include endurance, strength, intelligence, spirit and agility. You are more limited when it comes to customization than in other games of this type because the major upgrades are done at levels 20, 60 and when your character reaches level 100. You can however, buy or build equipment and you get a free stat for each level that you move up, which can be used on the stat you choose.

One downside to Fiesta is that the only place you can upgrade pets and mounts is at the “Fiesta cash store”. Since many players consider the game to move at a slow pace anyway, many of them don’t like the idea of having to pay to be able to increase their speed a little.

Another complaint is that the quests tend to lack variety and can get boring at times but the “kingdom quests” are the exception. These take place every two hours throughout the day and it involves a team of fifteen players joining together to complete the quest. Most players find these to be rather enjoyable and somewhat exciting.

The combat system is good and Fiesta has done well with its presentation. It’s a nice world and the game has great graphical style. It’s easy to tell one character from another and each environment has its own distinctive characteristics. The music is enjoyable with an upbeat rhythm as well. It may not be the best MMORPG for the hardcore gamer but the average player may find it be quite enjoyable.  
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