Fantasy Tennis

Fantasy Tennis is a free to play MMO sports game published by Alaplaya.

Publisher: Alaplaya

Platform: PC Windows

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Fantasy Tennis MMO Sports Game by Alaplaya

Fantasy Tennis MMO sports Game by Alaplaya is the perfect option for anyone searching for fast-paced tennis action. When you start the game, you’ll need to choose your gender and assign the five stat points into the attributes, which consist of STA, DEX, WIL and STR. You’ll gain a stat point each time you complete a level. One downside to the game is that there is only one avatar to choose from so all new players look the same.

This 3D sports tennis game is fun for all ages. It’s cheerful and fast paced with three game modes which are the basic, battle and the Battlemon modes. Many players love the battle mode because it’s HP or hit point based and this makes it very exciting. If your opponent scores, you lose HP. When you hit zero, you’re out. If your opponent has invested in special items such as meteors or fireballs, you’ll sustain a huge amount of damage quickly if hit by these.

The Battlemon mode is named such because it requires a cute little pet called a “battlemon” in order to play. You team up with your pet and play against your opponent for an exciting tennis match. You can play against opponents in both single and double modes or you can check out the single player mode.

You’ll earn gold from the matches that you play, which can be used to buy new equipment, clothes, furniture for your home and a variety of other items. Fantasy Tennis is an excellent MMO for girls and boys of all ages. The secondary features that make the game even more interesting include housing and fishing. It’s a nice break to play the mini fishing game or decorate your virtual home.

While in the shops you’ll notice that you’ll need blue chips called AP to buy some of the items such as new hair styles, hair color and face styles. These items will help to customize your character but the blue AP chips means that you’ll have to pay real money to purchase them. This may not be something that you’ll want to do at first but after awhile, you may want a change.

Fantasy Tennis is a free online MMO sports game similar to Mario Tennis but the MMO features make it unique. The variety this game provides qualifies it as one of the best sports games available. If you enjoy tennis, this game would certainly be worth checking out. 

Fantasy TennisFantasy TennisFantasy TennisFantasy TennisFantasy Tennis
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