Fallen Sword

Fallen Sword is a popular free to play browser based MMORPG game.

Publisher: Holy Cow Studios

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.fallensword.com

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Fallen Sword - a Great Free to Play Browser MMORPG Game
Fallen Sword is a free to play browser MMORPG from Hunted Cows Studios that allows players to fight monsters and other online players for gold, gear, and experience. Fallen Sword boasts a community of over 1.5 million players who are ranked daily against other registered players. Traveling the world of Erildath, players will do battle with a large bestiary of creatures such as dragons, hordes of undead, and other elite level adversaries that can only be taken down with the help of others.

While similar in style and content to many MMORPGs, Fallen Sword sports many exciting features that separate it from its competitors, including: Daily lotteries for a chance at free gold, a Bounty Board where players can place prices on the heads of other gamers, No Ads to clutter up your browser, and secure trades where you can swap loot with other players. Fallen Sword's comprehensive skill tree enables players to level up and gain skill points that can be assigned to many statistics and attributes.

Two forms of currency are utilized in Fallen Sword: gold and Fallen Sword Points (FSPs). Gold is earned through quests, players can steal gold following a victorious battle with other players, and  by defeating NPC creatures. FSPs are earned in a variety of ways like selling items in the auction house or by purchasing them directly using actual cash. Fallen Sword offers FSPs to players as a way to upgrade their characters with premium perks such as extra slots for backpacks, increases in character traits, or other gear not available for gold.

Fallen Sword offers a unique and richly detailed world for players to immerse themselves in and is evolving daily. It allows for a variety of game play styles to suit gamers who want to go it alone or if you would like to join a guild in the game's vast online community.

Fallen Sword gives players many entertaining options that go beyond simple fighting and loot collection. Players can craft items, become bounty hunters, or build guild structures to help with facing the many challenges that await in this highly addictive MMORPG.


Fallen SwordFallen SwordFallen SwordFallen SwordFallen Sword
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