Fairyland Online

Fairyland Online is a fantasy based MMORPG game.

Publisher: Lager

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://fairyland.lagernet.com

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Fairyland Online Fantasy MMORPG
One of the oldest MMORPG is a 2D fantasy game called Fairyland Online. The name suits it very well because the storyline revolves around several different famous fairy tales. This game is well suited for gamers who enjoy playing the older console RPG style games and it features the classic turn base combat. This means that you’ll attack your opponent and then wait for them to return the attack. You’ll take turns sending out attacks until one of you win.

One of the most fun and interesting features of Fairyland Online MMORPG is the pet system. There are plenty of pets in the game for you to take care of and when you go out to battle, your pet will fight along with you. You can also collect dolls and special titles when you win battles so this gives you something extra to look forward to. The game is full of surprises with random encounters. This means that you can randomly end up in a battle without warning so, be prepared.

There are three races and three classes in Fairyland Online MMORPG to choose from. The races include the elf, human and dwarf. Each one of these has six stats that are designed for that particular race. When you reach level 10, you’ll choose from one of the three classes which include the Warrior, Journeyman and the Diviner.

The Warrior has a lot of strength and they’re the best choice for melee attacks. There are three types of Warriors which include the Blademan, Axeman and Swordsman. The Journeyman consists of the Beast Master, Martial Artist and the Trader. The Diviner classes are the ones responsible for spells and they are very intelligent. This class consists of the Mage, Acolyte – Archer of Light and the Acolyte – Schemer of Darkness.

You’ll also have to choose a job profession that includes being a mage, tank or rogue but your choice will mainly depend on which class you choose. If you’re not sure which one will be best suited for you, then try the different options before you reach level 10.

Fairyland Online is a free MMORPG filled with PvP action that’s both fun and entertaining. There are lots of quests to enjoy with plenty of fighting and you can buy items in the shop to enhance the game. All in all, it’s a good game that most any causal gamer would enjoy.  
Fairyland OnlineFairyland OnlineFairyland OnlineFairyland OnlineFairyland Online
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