Evony is a browser-based MMO game with graphic elements reminiscent of Civilization.

Publisher: Evony, LLC

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.evony.com

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Evony 2D Strategy MMO Game
Evony is one of the traditional free MMO browser based games that’s set in a medieval world. It’s a 2D strategy game that has crisp graphics and plenty of quests for gamers to enjoy. The player starts out in a city with a Town Hall but nothing else. Your goal is to help the city grow and prosper while keeping the citizens happy. At the same time you need to collect taxes that can be used to help the empire expand.

The buildings which can be constructed include a warehouse, inn, town hall, workshop, academy, barracks, cottages, relief station, feasting hall, beacon tower, marketplace, forge stable, rally spot and embassy. Since declaring war with some of the neighboring cities is included in your plans, it’s a good idea to join alliances and pool your forces together to strengthen your city. Your overall goal is to conquer the world and you do that with one city at a time.

This strategy browser game has many good qualities such as rewarding the players for a job well done with gold and bonus resources, which allow you to construct specific buildings that you couldn’t do otherwise. You have the freedom to continue building up your city and over time, you can settle new ones. The graphic display is organized and easy to use even for players new to this type of game.

As a new player, you’ll receive some premium items that will help to increase your production when it comes to resources but this will eventually wear off. Therefore, you need to take advantage of it while you can. Resources include iron, food, lumber and stone. Military units include an archer, worker, warrior, cataphract, catapult, ballista, transporter, swordsman, scout, battering ram, cavalry and Pikeman.

The PvP can be fun and exciting as players raid towns and form alliances. There are other conflicts to take part in as well. Once your army is prepared you can send out a scout to check out the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and then you’ll be ready to set out on your fighting adventure.

Many gamers find the gameplay to be a little slow paced and some believe the advertisements are misleading. Still, it has a large audience and plenty to offer gamers. It really depends on what type of action you’re searching for in a game because many find Evony to be a fun and interesting MMO strategy game.  
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