EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 (EQ2), based upon the popular EverQuest, is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and shipped on 8 November 2004.

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://everquest2.station.sony.com

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EverQuest 2 – Most Popular MMORPG
Before WoW there was an MMORPG that gave you fun and addictive play like no other. Nicknamed, "EverCrack", EverQuest had millions on board and is still going strong today. There is a lot to offer from this game for both new and experienced players, which is one reason it's still going strong today.

EverQuest 2 has an impressive look and presentation that you will love from the start. It also has a large variety of character races and classes to choose from, giving you opportunity to further customize your avatar. There are a lot of quests, in keeping with the name of the game, and you will find it nearly impossible to do all of the quests on one character alone.

In fact, the sheer number of quests involved in this game is one thing that separates it from others of its kind. This is because with many MMORPGs, you get bored as you level or after the first character because all the questing is the same. EverQuest 2 prevents this problem by offering so much to see and do.

One downside to EverQuest 2 is that it can be a real resource hog. Some computers have trouble running it or running it on full speed. There is no real PvP component so if you're looking for that from an MMO, this isn't the game for you. It's pretty conventional in terms of MMORPGs and you will see that even with new expansions on the game, it sticks pretty closely with this.

This is a great MMORPG to play solo or with friends and features such as guild, housing and more, make it entertaining even when you're not leveling. You can collect pets, build up your house or guild home and more. This means there is always something to do to keep you occupied.

The world is beautiful, the storyline is in-depth and consistent and the game play is fun and consistent. If you've ever played other MMORPGs, you will find the controls are basically the same, making it easier to figure out what you're doing.

All of these features combined make EverQuest 2 a great MMORPG to check out if you have never played it before.  
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