Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online is a popular free to play MMORPG fantasy game published by TQ Digital.

Publisher: TQ Digital

Platform: PC Windows

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Eudemons Online MMORPG Game
Eudemons Online is a 2D MMORPG fantasy game published by TQ Digital and it takes place in a mythic world. There is no tutorial so you'll jump right into the game after logging in and choosing your avatar. You can choose between male and female and there are three classes to pick from which include Magician, Warrior and Paladin. There is little customization so this part only takes a few minutes.

The Magician has “area of effect skills” that can do a lot of damage in battle and they have excellent defense abilities but they have low hit points. The Warrior is the strongest when it comes to melee combat and they have excellent defensive abilities but when it comes to long range skills they are weak. The Paladin could basically be described as a hybrid between a magician and a warrior so they have a good powerful melee attack with strong magic abilities.

Eudemons Online MMORPG has a pet raising system with unique evolving qualities that make the game very interesting. This system allows you to hatch your own pets and then train them to fight with you in battles. The pets are called Eudemons and you can have two or three with you at all times. The pets gain experience points as they battle and when they reach level 20 they will evolve for the first time. There are eight different types of pets which are classified according to their defense and attack options.

The auto “path finding” system allows you to use the drop-down list to select and automatically move to any NPC within the town. You can find hunting spots this way as well. You can join a legion or guild to fight the monsters and other players. This fighting game puts a strong emphasis on player vs player battles, which is made obvious by the open PvP within the game.

Eudemons Online does have a fast rate leveling system and making gold is fairly easy. Experienced player's may find this MMORPG to be too easy with limited challenges but the causal gamer should enjoy it. It would be a good starter game and if you like having a pet for a companion, you'll love the Eudemons.  
Eudemons OnlineEudemons OnlineEudemons OnlineEudemons OnlineEudemons Online
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