Elf Online

Elf Online is a free to play MMORPG game.

Publisher: HAPPYMMO

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://elf.happymmo.com

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Elf Online MMORPG Game Review
Elf Online MMORPG Fantasy 2D Action is Great for Gamers of Any Age
Fans of MMORPGs or Massively Multiple Online Role Playing Games are going to appreciate the innate humor that is found at Elf Online. Those who have never played an online role playing game are going to love the simplicity and ease that Elf Online offers to new gamers. With bright graphics and easy to use menus and chat options, there are hours of fun waiting the experienced and not so experienced gamers.

Elf Online MMORPG is set in the fantasy world of Dreamland, where ironically, there are no dreams, and when the world was created, nothing lived there. Two spirits where chosen out of the Spirit College to set the stage for the world. As happens when there are two opposing forces, they came to battle each other and vie for control of the land. The player comes in after this huge battle where the two spirits are no longer visible but still attempt to control the happenings of Dreamland.

The two factions are the followers of the Invincible King of Darkness and the Beautiful Imaginary Goddess. These are the two students who were set to rule Dreamland together. Because of a falling out thought to have occurred when the King sought the love of the Goddess and was rejected, the two powers fought and the Beautiful Imaginary Goddess was defeated by the Invincible King of Darkness. The Goddess knew she would be defeated and set her followers to continue with her work. The King was badly injured and did the same with his followers.

This is where the gamer begins their adventures in Dreamland when playing Elf Online MMORPG. When the player begins, there are road signs that tell them where they need to go. They are then met with a guide who introduces them to the story. Those who are new can go to the Newbie Training Camp to learn what they need to know to play effectively.  There are quests to complete to gain experience points. As the players advance, they can capture pets that are going to help them in their quests. Players are also going to encounter battles that keep them gaining experience as they traverse the world of Elf Online and Dreamland.


Elf OnlineElf OnlineElf OnlineElf OnlineElf Online
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