Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is a graphical massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) currently in open beta that was created by Sparkplay Media.

Publisher: Sparkplay Media

Platform: Browser

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Earth Eternal: 3D Browser Fantasy MMORPG


Earth Eternal is a free MMORPG published by Sparkplay Media. It’s set in an unrelenting world with a good amount of content to keep the gamer coming back for more. This amazing 3D browser game is one of the few that has been carefully thought out with excellent graphics. It’s truly a remarkable MMORPG.

In fact, when it comes to graphics, Earth Eternal closely resembles a client based game. This was made possible due to the small download that you’ll get before launching the game. Start up time may be a little slow but it’s well worth the wait.

This  MMORPG has 22 playable races, four playable classes and a variety of different character customization. You can change your character’s hair color, facial features and even their skin. As a way to allow players to choose any of the races without being penalized, the developers of Earth Eternal created all races with the same skills and attributes so, feel free to pick the one you like the best.

Once you have your character ready you’ll need to pick out a class. Your four choices are Knight, Mage, Druid and Rogue. You’ll be delighted to know that you’re not limited to selecting skills designed for a specific class. Instead, you can choose to learn a variety of special skills that provide you with countless options for building up your character. This is a unique and impressive feature that you won’t get with most games of this type.

Your adventure starts on Mushroom Isle where you can learn how the game is played but if you’re familiar with MMORP gameplay, there won’t really be anything for you to learn. From here you’ll enter the incredible world of Earth Eternal. All of the cash shop items can also be found throughout the game so you won’t have to spend money for them if you don’t want to but you will have to work for them.

Neither do you have to spend a lot of time grinding if you don’t want to because there are many quests you can take part in that will be more efficient. The gameplay is smooth and responsive making it even more enjoyable. Most anyone who loves playing 3D browser game or MMORPG’s should enjoy playing Earth Eternal because it truly is an incredible fantasy game that’ll keep you coming back for more. 


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