Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners was a medieval fantasy, often satirical MMORPG developed and published by NCsoft.

Publisher: NCsoft

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.dungeonrunners.com

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Dungeon Runners MMORPG Fantasy Game

Dungeon Runners is a fun MMORPG action fantasy game that you can enjoy online. This is from NCSoft, a company with a fine reputation in games. This game gets its inspiration from games such as Diablo and Nox. You will see that much of the game play of this game matches those classics. This is a game that was first designed with humor in mind so you're going to see this reflected in nearly every aspect of the game.

Dungeon Runners MMORPG is a fast paced game with a great combat system that is loads of fun. It also has very funny dialogues from NPCs which makes it even more fun. You will find quests and skill descriptions are a lot of fun as well. You will also find good randomization of the item and equipment system. There are parodies of MMORPG clichés in the dialogue of Dungeon Runners and it’s just loads of great fun.

This game was originally released as a pay to play game but is now a free to play MMORPG. It tops the list with some of the best f2p MMOs out there today and for great reason. When you learn a little more about the game and all it has to offer, you'll quickly see why. There are still some features that are only available to the paid accounts, however.

Dungeon Runners MMORPG has three playable classes for you to choose from. These include the warrior, mage and ranger. Warriors are the traditional tank class just like you will find in other MMOs. They have the most health (hit points) and they do the most damage with melee weapons and attacks.

Mages are like the spell casters in many other games. They are physically fragile but they do a great deal of damage with spells. They can be the highest DPS in the MMORPG game but they can't take a hit. Then there is the ranger which is the ranged weapon class similar to hunters or archers in some MMOs.

Dungeon Runners seems to almost poke fun at other MMORPGs out there and the stereotypical mold that we have come to expect from these types of games. It's a lighthearted break from all of this. The only downside would be that it does seem to be made for fun and silliness and not so much for the hardcore or serious player. There are also some limitations on non-paying members which means you won't get the full impact of the game.

Dungeon RunnersDungeon RunnersDungeon RunnersDungeon RunnersDungeon Runners
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