DragonSky is a free to play MMORPG game published by Aeria Games.

Publisher: Aeria Games

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://dragonsky.aeriagames.com

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DragonSky: A Fast-Paced MMORPG

DragonSky is an MMORPG created by Aeria that provides the player with a lot more variety than other games of this nature. The main thing that sets it apart from all the rest is that this game has no set classes. Players get to choose the skills and weapons they want to master, which means you’ll actually build your own character the way you want it to be.

You have four weapon skills that you can combine anyway you see fit to help build your character. These skills include fist, sword, spears and hammers. If you’re searching for the fastest weapon, then you need to choose fist. These will do well against hammers but when facing swords, they are weak. The swords and dual-swords are the most balanced when you’re looking for speed and power. This skill will do well against fist but will be weak when used against spears.

Players who choose spears as their weapon will have the ability to dish out a lot of damage long range but they have a slow attack speed when compared to others. These will fare well against swords but they will be weak when put up against hammers. The most powerful weapon is hammers and they have the highest raw attack power but they will be weak when fighting against fist. However, they will do well against spears.

This 3D Fantasy game is set in ancient China with two game factions called the “Soul of the Dragon” and the “Heart of the Tiger”. It’s easy to find opponents to PvP with so, if you enjoy going up against others in battle, you’ll love this 3D Fantasy game. It gives you the chance to drift off to a world filled with beauty and excitement with an evolving story line.

DragonSky very well could be one of the top MMORPG’s available when it comes to fast pace action and martial arts. You can attack several targets at once so you need to be alert and ready. The combat moves are based off of real martial art moves making it more realistic and exciting than many of the other MMORPG games. It also features bounty hunting, guild commitments, crafting and so much more. 

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