Deepolis is a 3D online MMO browser based game, developed by Bigpoint. Released on 17 December, 2008, the game is available in 20 languages.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

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Deepolis: A Unique Sci-Fi MMO Browser Game
Deepolis is a unique Sci-Fi action MMO browser game that takes place on an alternative earth where the population lives under the ocean. This game has three factions that are all trying to survive the dangers and take control of this new environment. The fractions are called Scion, Nauts and Jafnhar.  Setting up your account is fast and it can be done by accessing BigPoint’s homepage or by using the main page of the game to sign up.

There is no character creation in MMO Deepolis but you will need to choose which fraction you want to be a part of. However, the game gives you the option of changing fractions as long as you make the change before you reach level 5. Each fraction has a different back-story that you can read about on the overview page after making your selection.

You can view your info page on the game's website and this is also where you’ll find auctions and go shopping for ammo and other accessories such as depth charges, mines and decoys. This is where you can search for a clan to join as well. When you click on the button “play game” you will be taken to a different browser where the game can be played.

As soon as you enter the virtual world you’ll find yourself out in the middle of the ocean on your fractions submarine. It’s armed with torpedoes and sonic cannons and four tiers of ammo per weapon. The level one tier of ammo is the weakest and the level four is the most powerful. Use the level four ammo carefully because they are also the most expensive. Cel is the most common currency and it’s used for basic things such as gear and ammo. Helix is the premium currency and it’s harder to come by.

There are stations located throughout the ocean where you can collect important objects that you need and they also serve as safe havens. You’ll have a menu screen that lists the objects you need and the closest station to your area. Clicking on the station that you want to go to will activate the auto-pilot. This automatically takes you to the station so you don’t have to try maneuver around manually.

This fantasy fighting MMO game has 2D graphic interface designed to look 3D when traveling through the ocean where you’ll encounter the fish-monsters and other enemies. The gameplay is simple and leveling up is easy in the beginning but it does become more difficult as you go. The game has real time combat, open PvP, quest and the opportunity to earn bonus cash. If you enjoy games with lots of fast action fighting and unique environments, Deepolis MMO just may be the game for you. 
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