DECO Online

DECO Online is a Free to Play/Free to Download MMORPG developed by Rocksoft and published in English by JOYMAX Interactive, and in Indonesian by PlayOn Interactive.

Publisher: Joymax

Platform: PC Windows

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DECO Online: A Great MMORPG for the Causal Gamer

When you’re searching for a casual MMORPG, DECO Online is a good option. This 3D fantasy MMORPG game revolves around the two factions called the Rain and Millena and they are in constant war with each other. Humans are the only race in this MMORPG. For the first two levels the factions are separated only by the clothing the characters have on.

After you choose your character and faction you’ll be sent to a tutorial and you’ll be referred to as the “stranger” until you reach level 10 when you’ll choose your class. There is a separate tutorial for each faction but they both are informative with basically the same information. They will help you learn the basics of the game and you’ll receive gold to help you get started.

Knowing a little something about the two factions will help you pick which one you want to join when you’re ready to choose. For example, when it comes to physical combat, the Millena are excellent with swords and bows while the Rain uses spiritual forces and magic during battles.

Each faction has two job classes. The Millena has the Swordsmen, which is a melee specialist and the Archer which is the ranged class. When the Swordsman reaches level 30, he will have to choose between the one handed and the two handed weapons for the second job advancement. If he chooses the one handed weapons he will advance to the Knight and the two handed weapons will advance him to the Mercenary. When the Archer reaches level 30 he becomes a Sniper or slayer.

The job classes for the Rain include the Shaman and the Magician. The Shamans are spell casters and the Magicians are the “Master of the Elements”. At level 30 they can advance to the Psyche, Holy Avenger, Prominas or the Priest.

The text between you and the NPCs is short and straight to the point so you don’t waste a lot of time reading through information that you don’t even need. DECO Online is a simple action MMORPG that is a great choice for the casual gamer or beginner. You’ll enjoy fighting monsters, running quests, raising pets and so much more. 

DECO OnlineDECO OnlineDECO OnlineDECO OnlineDECO Online
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