Dark Orbit is an online browser-based two-dimensional multiplayer game, released on December 2006 by Bigpointgames.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.darkorbit.com

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DarkOrbit Sci-Fi Action MMORPG

DarkOrbit is a fun fantasy MMORPG browser game that would suit the player who enjoys Sci-Fi shooter action. When you first start playing you’ll need to join one of the tree mining corporations and then you’ll be sent to an “overview page”, where you’ll have the opportunity to see how much currency you have. There will also be eight tabs here that you can click on to go to another page. When you hit the “quest” tab you will be taken to the main part of the game.

There are two major types of currencies in this game which are called Uridium (which is the most vital) and credits. Scattered throughout the world is small amounts of currency, bonus boxes that glow, ores, ammo and more. Once you get to the more advanced maps it’s a good idea to make friends and form teams because these become harder to master. However, they’re also more profitable so you can earn more currency to help improve your game.

When you venture out into the world you will start seeing pop ups that will provide you with instructions on how to move your character around. You also have the option of using the mini map that teleports you to a different map of your choice. You’ll find a total of twenty-eight maps in this fighting MMORPG and the majority of them will take you to places where you can openly PvP.

Questing and farming NPC ships are two of the options found within the game but there are other things for the player to do as well. Combat action is done in real time and you battle with rockets or lasers. Since both you and your enemy can fly around the gameplay does require a bit of strategy, which makes things more interesting.

Once you acquire more currency you can purchase new items to help improve your player’s performance. You can buy these extras by clicking on the hanger tab and you have an option of choosing between ten different types of ships, four types of rockets, several different shields, engines and four types of laser ammo. This MMORPG even offers a monthly “jackpot points” battle in which the winner can earn $10,000.

DarkOrbit is a very popular web based MMORPG game that has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys this type of browser action. It may not be suited for the hardcore gamer who seeks out extraordinary adventures but it’s an excellent choice for the average player looking for some fun and action.

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