Dark Eden

DarkEden is the world's first free to play Vampire MMORPG. In this online horror game, a war rages between Vampires, Slayers, and Ousters whom are vying for control of the powerful Blood Bible. DarkEden published by Ignited Games.

Publisher: Ignited Games

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://ignitedgames.com

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Dark Eden MMORPG Fantasy 2D Fighting Game

The majority of the MMORPGs or Massively Multiple Online Role Playing Games are based on fantasy or the past. The Dark Eden MMORPG is unique in that it is the very first one that is based on the horror genre as opposed to a fantasy world.  This game takes place in a fictional country in Europe called Eslania where vampires and humans fight each other and what makes it even better is that it is free to play for all gamers!

Unlike fantasy role playing games, there are only two races to choose from as opposed to five or six. MMORPG gamers can choose to be either vampires or the slayers as their race with a mixed race called the Ousters which is half human and half vampire. Because the races are territorial based, the conflicts are going to arise when the boundaries are crossed. There is also the Sacred Ground of Adam where any player can easily find battles. Battling is the only way to increase ranks. Each time a new rank is achieved, there are skills and weapons that can be learned and acquired.

Each race has its own rating system with the vampires using a system of levels and the slayers using a system of skills. Once each skill or level is reached, more magical items that can ease moving around the world. MMORPG players need to keep track of the times of day and night when they are playing as the timing has influence on their character types. Slayers cannot see as easily as vampires at night and vampires are more vulnerable during the daylight hours.

Each race also has their own set of skills with the vampires having the ability to gain forty different skills and the slayers over a hundred. These skills include magic and fighting skills that are learned and gained through leveling up. A set of thirty different skills can be used by either race and are also gained through the levels.

Those gamers who are tired of the same old fantasy MMORPGs are going to love the diversity of Dark Eden. The game is free and can be played on most computer systems. All that is required is an Internet connection.

Dark EdenDark EdenDark EdenDark EdenDark Eden
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