Dance Online

DANCE! Online is a downloadable massively multiplayer online music video game produced by David Perry and published by Acclaim in North America.

Publisher: Acclaim

Platform: PC Windows

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Dance Online MMO Game

Dance Online is an MMO game with great rhythm that has a traditional feel to it. Once you have created your character you can choose to host your own game room or join one that is hosted by another player. This is where players can socialize with each other until everyone is ready to dance.

The MMO game is played in rounds and there is a scoreboard that keeps track of everyone’s points. You’ll be rewarded based on your performance at the end of each round with both experience points and shopping points. These points can be used to purchase clothing and other accessories in the game. However, it’s important to know that some of the features can only be accessed once you reach a specific level.

Dance Online MMO has an optional tutorial for players who are not familiar with this type of action game. Once you start playing you’ll enjoy several battle modes that offer lots of excitement and fun. One of them is the “Boys vs Girls” mode where you compete against the opposite sex to prove who can dance the best. Another dance mode that is very popular is the “Super Star” mode. Everyone gets to play at the same time in this one so you don’t have to take turns.

Since the main attraction of this sports MMO game is dancing, it’s easy to see why it attracts so many girls but guys can enjoy it too. There is more to do in this game than just dance. It has a small world map where you can play slot machine mini games and you can even get married in Dance Online if you choose to. It also lets you save replays so you can go back and view your dance moves later if you want to.

Each player has their own individual room that can be accessed through the games mapping system. While in your room you can play some of the music found within the game. The MMO game tracks consist of over one hundred and thirty songs. You can also change into some of the different outfits stored in your wardrobe to decide which one you want to wear next.

While in your room you can watch some of those replays to check out your dance moves. This can help you discover ways to improve your dancing. If you’re invited, you can visit the rooms of some of other players. Dance Online is a fun and entertaining 3D music/dancing MMO that anyone can enjoy. It’s one of the best free games of this type available online today. 

Dance OnlineDance OnlineDance OnlineDance OnlineDance Online
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