CrimeCraft is a persistent online MMO shooter game developed by Vogster Entertainment and published by THQ.

Publisher: THQ

Platform: PC Windows

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CrimeCraft MMO by Vogster Entertainment

CrimeCraft is an MMO 3D third-person shooter game published by Vogster Entertainment. The game takes place in a future world where gangs have replaced the government and the world is in anarchy. As a player, you’ll join up with a street gang in order to earn a living and for the protection it provides.

There will be a short animated introductory to explain the setting and then you can explore the city where you’ll be starting out on your adventure. Here you can gather quest, hang out and talk to friends or queue up for a combat mission. This unique MMOFPS game has both single and multiplayer modes for you to enjoy. Form a guild that makes a big enough impression on the city and you just might end up in the news or on advertisements.

After doing a few of the initial missions you’ll get to discover some of the other excellent features that include the payphone, gun shop and gun customization. Taking part in these missions will involve talking to another NPC and doing these “talk quests” will help you move up in levels rather fast.

CrimeCraft has fourteen maps and seven game modes to play. The maps lead you to outside the city where the society is violent and harsh. You can make use of the environment to use for cover and working as a team can be both fun and interesting. It uses the W,A,S,D keys to control the movement and you can make your player run by holding down the shift key. By clicking “P” from inside the city, you’ll be able to join a quick play queue.

CrimeCrafts is built on the Unreal 3 engine and it offers very intense MMO PvE and PvP gamplay. The graphics are stunning and there is a nice selection of weapons that include pistols, SMG’s, shotguns, assault rifles, rockets launchers and snipers. Gather material from the Stockpile found in the PvP mode will you’ll be able to upgrade and customize your guns but grinding can be a bit annoying. It also allows you to craft clothing and armor that your character will wear.    

Play CrimeCraft MMO for free and you’ll have a chance to see what this unique shooter game has to offer. Pay the monthly subscription and you get to enjoy many more great features that are limited by the free play. The paid subscription will unlock these features and increase your fun.  


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