Corum Online

Corum Online is a free to play MMORPG action fighting game.

Publisher: Gala-Net

Platform: PC Windows

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Corum Online MMORPG Fighting Game

Corum Online is an action MMORPG fighting game with the RPG feel to it that many nostalgic players enjoy. To begin you'll need to choose between two servers and then create your character. This consists of choosing a class and a hair style but you're not allowed to choose your gender. There are three female and three male classes and all of them are human except for one. The classes include the Fighter, Summoner, Priest, Sorceress, Ranger and the Arcus.

The fighter is a male and they do best at close range fighting. The summoner is male and they can take over the control of monsters and use them for pets. The Priest are also male and they support the other players through healing and buffing spells. Sorceress are female and they are very powerful spell casters. Rangers are also female and they have speed on their side. The Arcus are the class that is not-human and they are considered Dark Elves. They are masters over the bow and attack from a safe distance.

After making your selection you'll start out in a town and the help menu will provide you with the information needed to get started. You use the mouse and the arrow keys to move and the wheel moves the camera. When you're ready you can go to the world map by walking through the gates of the town. You can also hit escape and this will take you to the map of the world as well.

One thing that you'll notice right away is that this 3D fantasy MMORPG game has excellent map features. Each of the zones are clearly marked on the map with icons. You will be free to move around the different zones although there are level requirement so some of them will be locked until you move up in levels. Players can run clans, take control of dungeons but only if they defeat the opposing teams and you have the option to take part in some PvP action.

You can even create your own zone on the map (temporarily of course) where you can charge a fee and invite other players to come in and battle each other in arena style play. Corum Online may not be suitable for the hardcore gamer because it doesn't offer the excitement and adventure that can be found with other fantasy MMORPGs. However, if you enjoy games that brings back the feel of the old RPG type, then you should enjoy this one. 


Corum OnlineCorum OnlineCorum OnlineCorum OnlineCorum Online
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