Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy is the first sci-fi space MMOG developed by Reakktor Media GmbH and published by gamigo AG.

Publisher: gamigo AG

Platform: PC Windows

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Black Prophecy Space Combat Simulation MMOG

Black Prophecy is the first sci-fi space MMOG that dares to take the step towards action-oriented gameplay from both a third-person and first-person perspective. Start your journey into space and experience fast-paced real-time action as a fighter pilot in hazardous missions and epic battles. Jump into your cockpit and face the enemy - either go it alone or join powerful clans and fight alongside fellow comrades-in-arms.

Black Prophecy is a fast-paced 3D real-time combat space MMO with state of the art visuals playing in the dense universe crafted by the award-winning Sci-Fi author Michael Marrak. Black Prophecy is a Massively Multiplayer Online Space Shooter with role-play elements focussing on fast and exciting real-time combat space battles. The game's approach is to provide quick and easy game fun without the necessity to develop your character over months.

Black ProphecyBlack ProphecyBlack ProphecyBlack ProphecyBlack Prophecy
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