Beebees is a MMO virtual worlds browser game.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

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BeBees Girls Virtual World MMO Game


The majority of the online games require fighting to be successful and to gain a character levels and skill. In BeBees Girls MMO Virtual World, the basis of the game is to create a bee hive and make honey which earns the player skills and levels. For those who just cannot seem to get away from the fighting in online gaming, there is the option to fight other hives instead of working with other bees in one hive. This game has it all, role playing, action and strategy combined in one to challenge even the most skilled or newbie gamer.

The main goal of BeBees MMO is to get as much honey for the hive as possible. Players can do this by themselves or they can work with other players to create a huge honey producing hive. Honey is the main commodity and is used to feed workers and as a source of income. Players can choose one of three main bee characters in order to get into a hive and begin producing honey. Once a hive is founded, the player only needs to get other bees to work with them to make the hive come to life. There are queen bees, worker bees and saboteurs who are trying to destroy the players hive.

Honey is produced in the game just as it is in real life. The players have to train their bees to go out and get nectar that is then used to make the honey. The bees also have to build the hive system and protect it from the saboteurs that are trying to destroy it. It takes honey to feed the worker and the bee army that is needed to protect the hive. 

Registration for BeBees MMO is free and the system requirements are low enough that even those gamers who are on older computers are going to be able to play this web browser based game. It is recommended that gamers have the most up to date browser for optimum performance. The only download that is going to be required is the Adobe Flash player if it is not already installed on the computer.   


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