BattleKnight is a free to play MMORPG browser game.

Publisher: Gameforge

Platform: Browser

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BattleKnight: A Text Based Browser MMORPG Game
A text based browser MMORPG game called BattleKnight is getting a lot of attention because it allows the player to control a character that is important to the overall plot of the game. When you’re searching for a game that can provide you with a more personal touch than what you’ll get with some of the larger world domination games, this would be it.

As the game starts out you have a character called a knave and your goal is to gain experience points and level up your character until he becomes a knight. Your character starts out with a sword and a stack of silver that will help you get started on your adventure.

You earn silver by performing everyday tasks or by going on important missions that could be for good or evil. You can joust, duel or work for silver that can be used to purchase items for your character. After the completion of these tasks, you’ll be able to see who won and other information such as, how many blows you blocked and what type of damage was done to the other players. When you reach some of the higher levels you’ll be able to collect gems as well.  

Fighting is not the only aspect of BattleKnight that you can enjoy. You can also build up your castle by improving its appearance or you can hire guards to increase your defenses. There is a wide variety of equipment available to help you level up so, your character can steadily progress.

BattleKnight was developed and published by Gameforge and it’s a free-to-play MMORPG. However, you also have the option of choosing a premium account in which you can take advantage of many extra benefits the game has to offer. For instance, a premium account will gain more points for conducting missions and you can work longer per day to make more silver. The more silver you earn, the easier it will be to build your character.

BattleKnight is a refreshing break from the typical browser games where players control and fight for large nations or world domination. It has plenty of action for the causal player and it can provide some great experience that can be applied in other games in the future.  
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