Banish Land

Banish Land is a browser based MMORPG game.

Publisher: Ray Flame Entertainment

Platform: Browser

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Banish Land Browser MMORPG
Banish Land is a 2D strategy MMORPG browser action game that takes place in a medieval world. This is a dangerous place filled with lots of aggression where warlords are struggling to dominate other warlords and demons. The main storyline revolves around expanding your kingdom one step at a time. Each kingdom will have its own unique buildings and technology that sets them apart from the others and you’ll be the lord of this city.

In this MMORPG game you’ll build structures to try and increase your wealth to gain power over the other players. You’ll need to train your troops to protect your belongings and to fight other players to become number one in the game. The hero’s recruitment and training system will help to make this task easier. You’ll need to harness and exploit your resources in order to sustain economic power and to increase your military strength.

You have the option to make alliances with other warlords and in some cases this may be a very good idea. However, you also have the option of breaking these alliances when needed, depending on what suits your needs the best. Banish Land is a strategy game that requires you to be clever and choose your tactics wisely in order to achieve victory.  

During the early part of the MMORPG game there will be three types of structures to build which are called the Resource Facilities, Workshops and Territorial Buildings. These are a critical part of the game that will benefit you or hurt you later. The Resource Facilities are designed to yield materials that are processed into equipment and other products found in the workshops.

One of the best ways to get funds in the MMORPG game is by selling the products in these facilities. The Territorial Buildings include four basic structures that also play an important role in the amount of success you have and these are called the Healing Station, Fraternity, School and the Scout Tower.

The RPG elements are designed to send your character out on hero missions that will help him or her to develop and grow. The game has a good quest system and various battle formats that include PvP, Stronghold Battle, Castle Siege and Alliance verse Alliance battles. If you enjoy playing 2D strategy games, then give Banish Land a try. This MMORPG has excellent gameplay that can keep you going for hours.   
Banish LandBanish LandBanish LandBanish LandBanish Land
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