Azuga Age of Chaos

Azuga Age of Chaos is a free to play MMORPG game.

Publisher: PlayOMG

Platform: PC Windows

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Azuga Age of Chaos MMORPG

Azuga Age of Chaos is not so much a new MMORPG but it is new to North America. This is a 3D fantasy game that's been on the Asia market for a while under the name MoSiang. It's similar to many of the older free to play MMORPGs in style and appearance. While it won't be too impressive when compared to the F2P MMOs of today, it is great for those who prefer that old school style.

It's a simple MMORPG game to pick up and learn to play and since it's free, there is no commitment and no risk if you try and determine it's not really for you. There are not classes to choose from like in some MMOs but instead you will get to choose your weapons which help determine your fighting style.

The weapons include sword, gloves, sabre, spear, bow and darts. The experience rate is fast and you can easily grind level solo if you don't want to worry about tutorials and quest lines. It's as simple as killing stuff and leveling up. When you want a casual game that's easy to play by grinding, this is the type of MMORPG game for you.

Since Azuga Age of Chaos is a free to play MMORPG game, you just need to sign up on the site. The download is about 700MB which usually doesn’t take too long on the average connection. There is an account page where you will need to sign up and then there is a somewhat lengthy patch time after the download to make sure you are using the most recent version of the game. 

After that you just need to log in and begin. The character creation process is simple and since there is no class choice, you just pick the weapon you want to use and get started. The game will begin with a short opening video and then you're ready to begin.

From then you will be guided on throughout the different levels of the game as you continue to level up. The text translations are a little weak from NPCs but you're able to play by skipping it and still know what's going on. The towns do have some quests in them but most players agree they are not worth the time and it's faster and easier to just start killing.

It's a simple MMORPG game with a somewhat dull environment but if you enjoy the old free MMO style or you're just looking for a simple game to pass the time, this might be the right choice for you.

Azuga Age of ChaosAzuga Age of ChaosAzuga Age of ChaosAzuga Age of ChaosAzuga Age of Chaos
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