ARENA Online

ARENA Online is a fantasy based MMORPG game.

Publisher: Kalicanthus Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

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Arena Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG game that places most of its emphasis on Realm vs Realm or RvR combat action. The storyline is an interesting one that centers on the ancient Gods who ruled over the universe. They decided to create a new world that had a sun to light the way. They filled it with lots wonderful things including many strange creatures.

Unfortunately, there was no one who could feel and enjoy the beauty of this new world so Mind God decided it would be a good idea to create some beings for the world. Three other Gods thought the idea of creating beings to inhabit this world was a good idea. As a result, Odin created the Nordic Humans who were strong fighters and who could only follow honor and bravery.

Itera created the Elves who could not be touched by time because they were the sons of nature. Mae Mirdin, Order Defender created Humans with the power to understand the changes of life within the world. The “God Creator” did not interfere with these beings because they followed the rules he had set forth.

However, Mind God violated the rules and took it upon himself to give the Humans the knowledge to conquer lands, organize a true social structure and rule the world under him. He gave these beings his intellect and the power to choose their own destiny but he hid this act from the ancient Gods.

With this knowledge the Humans set out to learn more and overtime, each race grew and became stronger seeking out more knowledge until the ancient Gods discovered what Mind God had done. They were so angry that they set out to destroy Mind God for his transgression but the races of the new world joined together to defend him and a raging war broke out.

When you first enter Arena Online MMORPG you’ll need to choose your race and join forces with a guild. Of course, you have the option of creating your own guild if you prefer. In this MMORPG the community is very important and plays a major role in how well the game plays out. Guilds participate in the castle sieges and many other important events.

The community in this fantasy MMORPG is actively organizing the events and competitions that give players a chance to win money prizes and in-game items. The tournaments that take place each month along with promotions all help to keep Arena online alive and interesting.

Every day the three races fight against each other in an attempt to gain control so one race can become the dominant or ruling force over the other two. If you prefer playing alone then you may not like this MMORPG. On the other hand, if joining a guild and fighting together with friends to conquer the virtual world is your idea of a good time then give Arena Online a try. It has a great deal to offer. 

ARENA OnlineARENA OnlineARENA OnlineARENA OnlineARENA Online
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