Archlord is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by NHN Games and WEBZEN.

Publisher: WEBZEN

Platform: PC Windows

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Archlord: An Innovative MMORPG
Archlord is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG with an innovated “player rules server system” that keeps things interesting and exciting. This system gives players a chance to show off their gaming talents. Your goal is to defeat your enemies and claim the throne as “Archlord” who is the ruler over the whole server. There can be only one Archlord per server and every player strives to be the one. The competition is tough and challenging but well worth the effort when you make it to the top.  
Before you can fight for the title you’ll have to go through a series of challenges and earn the right to fight for the ruling position. However, this only happens once every twenty-one days. The Archlord has many privileges and responsibilities such as having a special mount that is a giant flying dragon. You also have to announce messages server wide, control the day and night cycle and control the weather. To protect you there are three bodyguards and some monsters available to back them up if they need it.
Archlord MMORPG has three races to choose from called the Human, Orcs and Moon Elves. Each race has special classes to choose from. The Humans consists of Knights, Archer and a Mage. The Orcs have the Berserker, Sorcerer and Hunter and the Moor Elves include an Elementalist and a Ranger.
This action MMORPG has a really good crafting system that not only allows players to upgrade items but you can also raid, crave and skin a defeated monster. The materials used from these methods can be used to create power-up items and Alchemy, which is a potion that transforms players into monsters. Cooking creates food that provides defense buff and statistic bonuses.
After choosing your race and class you’ll find yourself in a town that is based on the race you chose. There is no tutorial but you can learn how to play the game through the quest designed for beginners. The system is easy to use and involves the point and click or the WASD methods. Some grinding is necessary in order to move up to the higher levels but that’s to be expected in this type of game.

The graphics are excellent in Archlord MMORPG and the animations greatly enhance the game. This fighting fantasy game has a variety of PvP options and the advanced market system makes trading between players easy. This type of storyline is appealing to many gamers. After all, could you imagine how it would feel to be in charge of the whole server? If you really want to show off your talent as a gamer, what better way to do it than by becoming the all powerful Archlord. 

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