Arcanists is a MMORPG browser game where you get to design and train your very own character.

Publisher: Jagex

Platform: Browser

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Arcanists: Browser MMORPG Game

Arcanists is a 2D browser scrolling game that can capture your attention and keep it. This free fantasy MMORPG has a lot to offer players and it’s a very popular game that’s getting lots of attention. It has smooth graphics and excellent sound. You’ll use strategy to beat your opponent and destroy the map in this turn-based browser game.

Arcanists MMORPG has a great tutorial that will help you learn about all of the features of the game. Once you are through with the tutorial you’ll gain access to the “sandbox mode”. This was designed as a place to go and try out different spells to learn how to use them correctly. Nothing you do in sandbox mode will affect your game and you can go back there whenever you accumulate new spells to try out.

You’ll be given a spell book with some basic spells early in the MMORPG game and you’ll have access to more of them as you move up through the game. These will allow you to put together more spell books. Players need to use strategy when putting together their spell books because you don’t want to fill it up with low level spells. The Fire Spell Book provides you with both fire power and defense options to use against fire attacks. You’ll also receive this early in the game.

Considering the popularity of this MMORPG it’s easy to find games to join once you set up your account. There can be up to six players in each game and everyone can fight each other at once. The Admin is the one who runs the games. He or she will be the one who handles all of the administrative duties such as who can be a part of the game, which map to use and so forth.   

Competing in rated games will earn you wands and if you win a rated game it will improve your rank. To take part in one of these games you’ll use the menu screen and enter the type of game you want to play. The system will then pit you against another player looking for the same type of challenge. Arcanists is a free online MMORPG but you can access extra features when you become a paying member. Still, you can get a good feel for the game as a free player and discover what all the excitement is about. 

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