Angels Online

Angels Online is a free to play MMORPG game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

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Angels Online MMORPG Fantasy Action Game
Angles Online MMORPG was published by IGG and it’s a 2D fantasy game that takes place in a mythical world designed in the image of the biblical Eden. The humans and angels roam the world together in this MMORPG that has all the things you would expect from an online fighting game. You can form guilds, choose a pet and run quests while leveling your character. The unique storyline starts your character out in a college called “Angel Lyceum” where you’ll train and work your way up to become a protector of angels.
This MMORPG game also has great character customization options that include twelve different hairstyles, thirty-six hair colors and multiple skin colors. You can even choose your blood type, job, personality traits, height, gender and your birthday. Once you’re finished with the character customization you’ll enter the game. Here you’ll see a tutorial that’s very short but provides lots of useful informative. Shortly after the tutorial, you’ll be able to select your class.
This game has 14 playable classes that are divided into three oriented classes referred to as the Combat, Crafting and Magic classes. The Combat class is made up of the Protector, Swordsman, Archer, Warrior and Spearman. The Crafting oriented class is made up of the Weaponsmith, Tailor, Armorsmith, Chef and the Technician and the Magician, Summoner, Priest and Wizard make up the Magic oriented class.
Angles Online MMORPG has a steady skill progression system and your character’s skills will level-up separate from the actual player’s level. The more a skill is used the more powerful it becomes. This MMO game also has a built in game bot called “Angle Baby” that can be set to help your character level up when you’re away from your computer.

This action MMORPG game uses a unique style when it comes to graphics and an extensive crafting system. Almost all of the classes have the ability to gather up the resources but only the crafting class can use the raw materials. Still, it’s a good idea to gather the materials every chance you get even if you’re not a crafting class because they’ll come in handy later. Angles Online has lots of variety, its fun, entertaining and it’s a great choice for most all types of gamers.   

Angels OnlineAngels OnlineAngels OnlineAngels OnlineAngels Online
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