Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) published and developed by Funcom.

Publisher: Funcom

Platform: PC Windows

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Anarchy Online MMORPG

Anarchy Online is one of the oldest MMORPG around and it has lots of action and features for gamers to enjoy. Even though this 3D Sci-Fi fantasy game has been around for awhile it still has a good playerbase and shows signs of growing. Anytime a game continues to grow after being released for several years it’s a good indication that it has some great qualities that keeps players interested.

This MMORPG has a unique process for creating characters that involves a short cutscene with a voice that introduces the players to the game. There are four races and fourteen classes to choose from. Two of the races include the Solitus who are the direct descendants of humans and the Atrox, who are mine workers.

The other two races are the Opifex who were bred for their speed and craftiness and the Nanomage who were first created as assistants for Nanotech research. Each profession is labeled according to how difficult it is to play. This will help players choose the right one for them and the character they choose to use.

Anarchy Online MMORPG has a tutorial island where you will be sent after choosing your character. Here you have the opportunity to take your time and learn all aspects of the game. When you feel that you’re ready, you can venture out and leave the island anytime during the tutorial. However, it’s recommended that you talk to all of the NPCs to find out what type of missions they have before leaving to make sure you don’t miss something important.

You’ll receive points for each level that you complete and there are 200 levels to go through. There are seventy-five skills available but they are broken down to make managing them much easier. Instead of guilds, this MMORPG game refers to the group of players working together as organizations. Whoever creates an organization can choose one of six types of government systems to use. These include the Republic, Department, Feudalism, Anarchism, Faction and Monarchy.

If you like the old-school style of gameplay, then you should give Anarchy Online MMORPG a try. It has a lot of good features that make it fun and entertaining while the variety and customization options make it stand out above many of the others available today. 

Anarchy OnlineAnarchy OnlineAnarchy OnlineAnarchy OnlineAnarchy Online
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