Air Rivals

Air Rivals is a free to play MMO sci-fi action game.

Publisher: Gameforge

Platform: PC Windows

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Air Rivals 3D MMO Shooter Game

Air Rivals is a 3D shooter MMO game that takes place in a Sci-Fi setting. In this MMO, players will take control of Gears. These are actually war planes and you have four different ones to choose from. Each one of these has its own specialty. For example, the “I-Gear” specializes in air fighting because it’s an Air-to-Air fighter plane while the “B-Gear” is an Air-to-Ground Bomber plane. The “A-Gear” is a Ground-to-Air tank and the “M-Gear” has supportive responsibilities that include healing and buffing the other Gears.

Each one of the Gears can fly and each of them will have different stat growths. When you first enter the MMO game you’ll have the option of viewing the tutorial. It’s recommended that you go through it because it will teach you the basics and it will reward you with cash and items. You’ll also be able to choose an avatar to represent your character and there are six stats in the game that consist of Fuel, Defense, Agility, Shield, Attack and Spirit.

You can level up rather quickly in Air Rivals MMO and when you reach level 11, you’ll need to choose one of the two factions to join. The interface is simple to learn but it takes some practice to become a great player. This gives you something to work towards.

The PvP battles provide some fast-paced action and you can join in on some PvE battles as well. These can keep you busy for hours. Players have the option of hosting or signing up for arena battles when in the city and there is a large scale faction battle that you can join. This one can have up to one hundred players on each side battling it out all at once.  

Just imagine how exciting this could be when you have up to two hundred players all fighting at one time. If you’re not in the mood for the PvP action you can go on one of the missions instead where you can conquer the skies and defend your home. 

Your characters profile will keep track of both your losses and your victories for all to see. Therefore, you want to put forth an effort and do the best you can. Air Rivals is a unique shooter fighting game with lots of good qualities. If you enjoy playing MMOs with lots of emphasis on PvP action, then you should thoroughly enjoy this one. 

Air RivalsAir RivalsAir RivalsAir RivalsAir Rivals
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