ACE Online

ACE Online is a 3D flight action shooter MMORPG published by Wicked Interactive Ltd.

Publisher: Wicked Interactive Ltd.

Platform: PC Windows

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ACE Online Flight Action 3D MMORPG

ACE Online is a Flight Action MMORPG where players take control of futuristic aircraft named “GEARS” and takes part in the war-torn skies of the planet Phillon.

Players have a choice of four different GEARS and can customize them in countless ways by changing the equipment, upgrading the individual parts themselves, or even replacing the armor frame to drastically change the appearance as well as durability of the GEAR. These GEARS have their own specializations which affects the very core of how players handle them. The I-Gear is the Interceptor, capable of high speed flight and hit-and-run tactics. The B-Gear is a Fighter/Bomber that is very versatile but can pack a powerful punch. The M-Gear plays the support role by repairing and empowering its allies. Lastly, A-Gear is the ground specialist that is equivalent to a tank and destroys it’s foes with its powerful cannons.

The world of Phillon itself is the stage where the nations of Arlington and Bygeniou battle for supremacy. Players are free to explore the alien world, take on missions, or join the constant, ongoing nation war where massive Outposts and Motherships are at stake.

One of the most unique aspects of ACE Online is how players are in full control of their aircraft in 360 degrees of space. No longer locked to the ground like most MMORPG’s, players can fly in any direction…as well as get attacked from any direction! This adds a whole new element as the player’s actual flying ability can come into play where survival is not just determined by how good your equipment is.

ACE Online brings together the arcade style Flight Action game with the MMORPG. This combination makes ACE Online a very unique game in the world of online games.

ACE OnlineACE OnlineACE OnlineACE OnlineACE Online
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