Dekaron is a free Asian MMORPG video game published by GameHi. A North American version, directed by David Perry, was released by Acclaim Games under the title '2Moons'. Closed Beta Testing ended March 7, 2007.

Publisher: Acclaim

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://en.dekaron.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Main

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2Moons: Bad Moon Rising Fantasy MMORPG
2Moons: Bad Moon Rising is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG from Acclaim that immerses players in an epic confrontation between good and evil. 2Moons is a faced paced Player vs Player (PvP) heavy game that is well known as one of the most violent MMOs ever created!

2Moons: Bad Moon Rising gives players a choice of 6 character classes that have unique builds and skill sets that can be used to great advantage in 2Moon's intense battlefields. Characters level as you gain experience and are further empowered by the many weapons, armors, and other equipment the players can find or purchase. Weapons and armor can be socketed to enhance their abilities far beyond their base stats, this increases the variety of abilities a character can posses and improves their lethality in combat. Weapon and armor customization gives the player the edge they will need to face the many challenges and evils in the 2Moons universe.

Players can enjoy single player questing to earn experience, join massive raids to lay siege to fortified locations, or they can just enjoy the madness of a massive free-for-all PvP match! If all the violence is too much for players on that day, just kick back and enjoy a bit of fishing to take the edge off. Varied game play is just the tip of the iceberg, 2Moons: Bad Moon Rising offers many choices to keep gamers coming back for more and more of the 2Moons universe.

2Moons: Bad Moon Rising gives players a different experience in the MMORPG genre, combining the PvP functionality of World of Warcraft and the intense combat and loot system of Diablo2, it creates a one of a kind gaming environment where every player can be your friend....or your enemy. Gritty game play is supplemented by the games cash friendly fact that it is free-to-play!

2Moons: Bad Moon Rising adds many new monsters, items, pets, mounts, and adventures to the 2Moons universe. So for gamers familiar with the previous iterations, or for newbies that are just joining the 2Moons community, 2Moons: Bad Moon Rising has a little bit of everything for the MMORPG fan looking for a brutal, action-heavy RPG. 
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