2029 Online

2029 Online is a free to play Sci-Fi MMORPG game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://2029.igg.com

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2029 Online Sci-Fi MMORPG Game
2029 Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG that takes place on a planet called “Helen Continent”. The inhabitants of this dark and war-stricken alien planet have different cultures and they all fight for survival, their faith and for fame. The conflict continues to grow and none of the cultures will back down. A group of brave people have decided to rise up and fight for peace to put an end to this constant conflict.

This 3D MMORPG game has three races available and you can choose which gender you want to play. The three races are Humans, Dryads and the Electric Elves. The Humans came to this planet to live when Earth was destroyed. The Dryads are the forest giants who are a peaceful race by nature and the Elves are the mysterious and intelligent race.
The gameplay is easy to learn and provides a smooth clean interface that is fun to play. For example, the “AutoLocate” will automatically take your character to the location of a monster or an NPC when you select them from a list. You can also visit other locations that are difficult to manually get to by using this system. This feature helps to ensure players have a smooth experience leveling up and it helps you to level up faster.
2029 Online combines social interaction with real time strategy (RTS) to enhance the gameplay for its players. It’s designed with a great user interface and it’s a community oriented game. Grouping together is recommended and encouraged. Guild play is an important part of this MMORPG especially the further along in the game you go. The guild interface keeps the guilds organized and up to date. The game even offers large guilds a chance to take part in large scale combat against city guards and guild PvP.

This innovative game has many server-wide events to participate in so you never get bored. You can switch between running a variety of different quest and grinding to level up. You can earn money by killing the enemy and collect the cash and items they drop. Items can be sold or traded to help you acquire the things you need personally within the game. You also have the opportunity to open up your own shop within the game where you can sell the extra items you collect. Published by IGG, 2029 Online is an excellent MMORPG game that has many great features.   

2029 Online2029 Online2029 Online2029 Online2029 Online
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