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    On 13th October, VTC Online of America will launch Open Beta version of the game "Three Kingdoms Web" at the website address: http://3k.govtc.com

    The Three Kingdoms Web is a strategic web browser game based off the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, a chaotic and brutal period of ancient warfare. Without any download or installation, you can join the historic period and together with legendary warriors, competing against thousands of other players, conquering and expanding your enemies’ territories.

    With Three Kingdoms Web, you will have a chance to LIVE THE LORD’S DREAM. During the Three Kingdoms period, you are an ambitious war lord who wants to expand your influence & power to control the whole China empire.

    Once in your life, the legendary heroes of the old China – Zhuge Liang, Lu Bu will fight for you. Under your leadership, your empire builds trusty relations with your allies, fighting against your enemies. An era of power and wealth arises and your journey begins.

    Designed in wash painting style, the Three Kingdoms Web uses sophisticated calligraphy to show "the beauty of thousands miles" and describe the natural landscapes in a charming way. You can see brilliant sceneries where mountains mix with rivers, smog glitter in the air and the view is extremely beautiful and magnificent. In the city, the cascade flows down from the cliffs, beautiful buildings intersperse with spruces, green willow trees and colorful flowers.

    Based on the advance of internet and technology, the Three Kingdoms Web has reached a high-class level that other games cannot be compared.

    Three Kingdoms Web is established on Java, conformity with the habit of using Apple products of the Americans. Players can play Three Kingdoms Web on Ipad and Iphone anywhere. This product has been testing well on Ipad and Iphone through 3G connectivity provided by AT & T in America.

    Website: http://3k.govtc.com

    Facebook: http://facebook.com/ThreeKingdomsWeb

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    this is not the famous three kingdoms?this is the browser based game?

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