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    For those who missed the original story back in October, Robert
    Dziekanski was a Polish immigrant who, after making a disturbance in
    the Vancouver Airport, died following a tasering administered by
    authorities. For those who have the stomach, the event is on YouTube.

    Naturally, the public has responded to the incident, including
    Vancouver resident Mike Greenway who made the above Mega Man video. He

    The video was really more of a statement on
    police Taser use than anything. The video that I made is a
    tongue-in-cheek parody about the incompetence of everyone involved, not
    police brutality.

    But not everyone agrees that Greenway should have explored the situation in a video game.

    From Aga Magdolen, a spokeswoman with the Canadian Polish Congress:

    This tragedy should not have been portrayed as a game. It is disrespectful to the victim, his family and the Polish community.

    is the clip disrespectful? If I were a member of Dziekanski’ family, I
    certainly wouldn’t want to watch it, but nor would I want to view any
    sort of response to the incident.

    It doesn’t seem like the Mega Man response—which certainly appears
    to condemn the police (despite what the author may claim) while
    exploring the absurdity of Dziekanski’s death—could have been
    communicated without its particular chosen medium, the reenactment in a
    video game.

    YouTube parody of Dziekanski death triggers controversy [via gamepolitics]

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